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Nikolastraße 4
94032 Passau

Navigation instructions

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Parking spots
Entrance clearance

2,00 m

Opening hours

Monday through Sunday: 24 h


0,70 € for up to 30 min
1,50 € for up to 60 min

3,00 € for up to 120 min
1,50 € for every additional started hour 

Weekly rates* (cruis liner/river boat trip tourists and bikers)
1 week 50,00 €
2 weeks 80,00 €
3 weeks 100,00 €

* Week-long tickets can be purchased prior to the start of your trip at the Shell service station (Shell-Tankstelle Gottinger), which you will find directly in front of the parking garage (access to the Zentralgarage Passau via Nikolastr.). The purchase of week-long tickets afterwards (after return of your journey or your bike trip) is not possible.

Max. daily fee

15,00 €

Permanent parking price (24/7)
105,00 €

Minimum contract duration ist three months.