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Parkhaus Chemnitz am Hauptbahnhof


Minna-Simon-Str. 8
09111 Chemnitz

Navigation instructions

Access via Minna-Simon-Straße or Georgstraße

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Parking spots
Entrance clearance

2,00 m

120 P&R parking spots(from the 5th parking level)
for P&R customers acoording to the tariff of Deutsche Bahn (DB)
and Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen (VMS)
for railway trips from Chemnitz to maximum following locations:
Falkenstein (Vogtland), Plauen (Vogtland), Gera, Leipzig, Riesa,
Dresden und Pirna.

Owner of single ticket (use of daily ratef)
2,70 € per day

Owner of ÖPNV subscription (permanent parking)
Renting permanent parking lots is possible for owners of ÖPNV
subscriptions in accordance to our terms of use.
Minimum contract
duration ist one month. Rental price per day ist € 2,70 and is been
charge monthy depending on use intensity.

More informations and terms of use you will find here. (only in German)

Opening hours

Access via Minna-Simon-Str.
Monday through Saturday: 04:00 - 22:00
Sundays and bank holidays 06:00 - 22:00
Exit is always possible

Access via Georgstr. 24/7


1,20 € for every started hour

weekly rates
30,00 € for first week

20,00 € for every additional week

Max. daily fee

6,00 €

Permanent parking price (24/7)
60,00 €



Renting permanent parking lots currently is not possible. The quota has been exhausted.